Turn Your PowerPoint Presentation Into A Movie

Turning a PowerPoint presentation into a movie is simple. Open the desired PowerPoint presentation and screen_2013-02-22 08.47.59Save As Type: Windows Media Video. PowerPoint will convert the presentation into .wmv format movie.


If you want to splice and cut, adjust speed or add animation and/or music in your PowerPoint movie, open Windows Live Movie Maker (the Microsoft update from Windows Movie Maker). Be sure to save your updates to the project as you work.

screen_2013-02-22 08.36.04

• Open your .wmv file (PowerPoint presentation movie).screen_2013-02-22 08.55.38 The movie will be added to your project work space (play the movie to see where you would like to edit).
• Right click on clip and copy; paste several copies of the clip onto work space (extra clips can be deleted later).
• Go to Edit tab to choose start and end points for each clip (allowing for removal of unwanted footage).
• Go to Home tab to add music, photos, additional video clips, captions, credits, animations and visual effects.
• Return to Edit tab to set speed and fading for each clip (make sure to click on music in work space to adjust fade).
• When complete, “Save Movie” for computer (and Publish to share).

screen_2013-02-22 09.58.18


Import Your LinkedIn Contacts To Outlook…In Less Than A Minute

In your LinkedIn profile, click “Contacts and scroll down to “Connections.”   Select the contacts you would like to add (or choose “all” at the top of the list).  At the bottom of the page under the list (on right, in small type), click “Export Connections.”   In the drop box, choose “Microsoft Outlook (.CSV file)” then click “Export.”

Click “Open” at the bottom of the screen to display contacts in Excel format.  On the Excel page, click “File” (upper left) and choose “Save Asand name the file—in drop box select “CSV (MS DOS)” and click “Save.”  Close the saved Excel page.

Open Outlook, click “File” (upper left) scroll down to “Open” and click “Import.”  Select “From Another Program or File and click “Next.”   Select “Comma Separated Values DOS” as the file type to import; then click “Browse” to upload your LinkedIn contact file (in Excel format) and specify your rule for duplicate contacts. screen_2013-02-19 18.30.28

Click “Next.”  Select “Contacts” screen_2013-02-19 18.31.21 as the destination folder and click “Next.”  Check the box to import the file into Outlook Contacts and click “Finish.   Your contacts will appear in Outlook.

Pinterest for Business: Get Verified

For business owners with a GoDaddy Website interested in becoming a “Verified” Business on Pinterest, the process can seem complicated.  Pinterest Verified 1It is actually fairly simple.  Establish and/or open a Pinterest Profile, click on “Edit Profile” just below the header.  In Account Settings, scroll down to Website and click “Get Verified.”  Two options will be offered: Upload Html File or Use Meta Tag.  Using the meta tag option, Copy the code provided (for the company’s Website).  In a new window, launch the GoDaddy Website Builder for the account and click “Design Your Pages.”  While in “Page Designer,” click “Pages,” then click “Page Properties.”  Click the “Meta Data” tab in “Page Properties,” paste the Pinterest meta tag code into the “Keywords box and Publish.  Go back to the Pinterest Website and click “Verify.” 

screen_2013-02-06 08.03.30

A House of Cards: Scan to Outlook


Cost vs. Productivity is a debate for every budget. At $6.99, the WorldCard Mobile app hits the high range of app cost. However, for those with a growing stack of business cards to be added to their contacts, this app might just be worth it for the time it saves. Once the app is opened on the camera setting, a simple snapshot shot of the card (front and back) uploads the contact information.  It also allows for a contact upload from the signature portion of an email.  It is not flawless, occasional typos and reversals require proofreading before saving; but, so far, the edits have been minor.  It has proven to be an effective tool for streamlining and organizing a large house of cards in as many as 16 languages.


Gluten Free on the road? There’s an app for that.

find me gffind me gf1Just when you think you’re getting the hang gluten-free living, you hit the road.  Finding a place to eat can be frustrating at best.  There are apps for that.  We use a location-enabled free iPhone app called, Find Me Gluten Free (Gluten Free Registry is also helpful at $1.99).  The app will show restaurants near your location or specified address, along with customer reviews.  Find Me Gluten Free has even introduced a “Products” feature (still in Beta) that allows a product’s Barcode to be scanned for ingredient information and gluten-free status.  Gluten-free travel is now much easier.

Find Me Gluten Free2

What is that thing?

rbr etechnorize vcard

Do you ever see a box like this and wonder “what is that thing?” It is a QR code, which can display information, direct to a Website and/or provide & add contact information (vCard). If you have a smartphone, you can download a scan app (we use ScanLife) to read the information for you. You simply hold the phone over the square, within the designated parameters, and the information should appear on your phone. You can also create your own personal QR code. Very simple. “That thing” suddenly becomes very useful.

Codependent relationship…with my phone.

I never like the “what would you save in a fire?” question.  Too grim.  But, let’s take the question I was recently asked: “what is your favorite possession in your room?”  Easy.  My phone.  When I walk through my day in my mind, I realize that the little contraption has way too much power.  It basically thinks on my behalf.  It wakes me up, tells me the weather and what to wear, schedules my day, tells me who-when-where to call, informs me of the breaking news, counts my calories, maps my run, graphs my exercise, guides me where to go, finds me things-places-etc.-even friends, advises me about train schedules, finds me transportation, reads to me, entertains me with music, movies (or games, if I choose), answers any question that pops into my head, educates me on countless topics and definitions, provides me with access to numerous accounts, gives me the ability to me pay my bills, lets me shop for the best bargain after finding whatever product I may be looking for, shows me timely flight and travel information, takes pictures and videos–and lets me enjoy them later, shares Bible verses with me, finds me restaurants (including gluten free), secures my house, lights up rooms, translates for me, lets me pay, saves me money (coupons), reminds me what to do, creates opportunities to brainstorm, lets me chat/see friends, and there is so much more.  The most important thing is it allows me to do is to be in touch with my family–through calls, statuses, updates, texts, funny photos, likes, locations, and more.  This “smartphone” is more than just smart.  It’s a favorite.

iphone apps