Turn Your PowerPoint Presentation Into A Movie

Turning a PowerPoint presentation into a movie is simple. Open the desired PowerPoint presentation and screen_2013-02-22 08.47.59Save As Type: Windows Media Video. PowerPoint will convert the presentation into .wmv format movie.


If you want to splice and cut, adjust speed or add animation and/or music in your PowerPoint movie, open Windows Live Movie Maker (the Microsoft update from Windows Movie Maker). Be sure to save your updates to the project as you work.

screen_2013-02-22 08.36.04

• Open your .wmv file (PowerPoint presentation movie).screen_2013-02-22 08.55.38 The movie will be added to your project work space (play the movie to see where you would like to edit).
• Right click on clip and copy; paste several copies of the clip onto work space (extra clips can be deleted later).
• Go to Edit tab to choose start and end points for each clip (allowing for removal of unwanted footage).
• Go to Home tab to add music, photos, additional video clips, captions, credits, animations and visual effects.
• Return to Edit tab to set speed and fading for each clip (make sure to click on music in work space to adjust fade).
• When complete, “Save Movie” for computer (and Publish to share).

screen_2013-02-22 09.58.18


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